Are you a dreamer?

Do you dream of having a big house on a big plot of land maybe a few acres or more? That house being a two-story ranch style home with a porch that nearly goes completely around the house if it weren't for the beautiful white picket fence cutting off the front yard from the back. It is the only way that you can make a separation of the land in all of the area in its vast greenness. What about the yard? Do you hope to see on the horizon that it is brimming with maple trees? In autumn like now, the maple trees are turning bright colors of orange, red and yellow as the beauty of fall blesses your eyes. Do you have hope that with all your hard work that you do it will pay off in the end?

Hope is a feeling of expectation of something good about to happen. It is the spirit of hope that keeps many of us going on a day to day basis. Many of us struggle in our daily lives and lose sight of our dreams and hope slowly slips away. This is a sneak attack that you may not be aware of. It is spiritual warfare in disguise. The devil brings you burdens that weigh you down on your way to your hopes and dreams. In many cases, he uses your own successes against you.

You needed transportation to get to work and had bought a car, during all of the credit spending spree you were on and now you cannot afford the payments. The dreams of having your own home and car, living in the countryside are now becoming real, but you are no longer happy. You are losing hope that you can continue in this dream. It is becoming a nightmare faster than you ever imagined it could be.

How Did This Happen?

30For example, a person that has good credit and is hoping to buy that beautiful home out on the countryside, they may take a mortgage, and buy it. When he does that, the devil sends credit cards his way too, many more than his income can handle. Since they just bought the house, they feel the need to get new things for it too and overspend on the credit cards and put themselves in debt. The credit card payments and house payments are more than the income the family brings in, and now the credit you earned is failing. The payments are more than the income you have each week, and now are skipping payments on one bill, to pay another, before they shut off the service or repossess the car. The mortgage is collecting late fees. The good credit you once had, is dropping to the point that you cannot even borrow on the home equity. There is not enough equity in the house yet, and your credit score has dipped to the point that you, needed that collateral to secure the loan, to continue to live the lifestyle you want to live.

This is all from some darts the devil sent your way, in the form of credit cards, when you were looking in another direction. Not everything that comes your way that seems helpful is helpful. A key component to noticing what is a good gift and what is not is asking yourself. “Can I afford this right now or do I have to put it on credit?”. Another question to ask is “Is this able to be paid in full when the time comes or is this billed monthly on a credit card?” God sends you good gifts that do not need credit. In all of His words, he never asks you to borrow food on credit. You can exchange services for goods, such as being a worker's apprentice, and in exchange of being paid, you could get housing and food and training of the trade, that you are learning. That is a good gift from God. It is one that gives you everything that you need and helps you grow in the future.

A credit card that says you are automatically approved, randomly coming in the mail, when you are already swamped in debt is NOT a good gift from God. It is a dart sent by the devil. God wants us to owe no one and be debt free. It IS possible to do, if we do not extend ourselves in credit, and using forms of credit, when you can wait a little while, and use the actual cash, and leave no debt or payments in the future. Who is to say that we will be healthy in the future and can still make the payments? It is better to pay in full at once. This will help you not lose hope when the days grow long, and the funds get short. You can still hold out hope, for God has given us hope in His Son, Jesus Christ who has died for us on the cross, and then three days later, rose again and was taken into Heaven to sit on the right hand side of God, until it is time to return, and take us to Heaven with Him. (For those that do not believe in Jesus as the Savior, please refer to the Bible, the book of John in the New Testament and read it to understand more on Jesus Christ)

Hope will keep you going when it seems that everything is falling down around you.

Hope can lift your spirits when you are depressed. It can ease anxiety and hope can ease stress too. Hope keeps us looking to God as our lives go on, and we get older, and start to understand what life is really about. There is good reason to hold out for hope. Our futures are bright as the Lord has promised His return, and we live in a time that is developing new technologies that increases our ability to reach out across the world faster than we ever have before in our lives. This gives many hopes of future cures and other inventions that will give us a life that is free from pain and free from despair. I hope that this shows itself to us more and more every day. Hope is the expression of a belief, of knowledge of something, that has yet to come or yet to happen. There are a lot of things we can hope for. I hope the sun will set today. It should set today, It usually does. So I am following logic and saying I hope it will set today as it should.

I hope that this article reaches you and helps you understand what hope is.

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