Do you Know What Fear Is?

The emotion of fear is one that has a lot of power in the human psyche. It is an intense feeling. It is one that can be manipulated by the evil one in the spiritual battles we have. It can be helpful to us when using fear properly.

But do you KNOW what fear IS? The definition of fear that you can get from the dictionary will tell you that fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.”

Major Points of Fear

There are five major points of fear that is targeted by the evil one when it comes to spiritual warfare. It is important to understand that fear is an emotion that we can control.

In the Bible, it says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Trust God that He has already won this war and pray to overcome the fear in front of you. Let's get into some of the fear you may face in a spiritual battle.

The devil does not want you to receive the right gifts of God that the Lord has for us. He will do whatever it takes to hinder us from moving forward and claiming our glory and gifts from God. By putting fear in our lives and scaring us, he can keep us from reaching our destination.  He can make us late and miss our connection with the person we needed to meet.

Fear can hold us back.

One of the ways fear can hold you back is the fear of dying. The devil likes to use our mortality against us. He thinks that he can frighten us, with not living long enough to get the job done, or not finishing before our loved one dies.

He intimidates , in ways we can only imagine, until the time is upon us. He brings us to fear the end of our lives and that God will abandon us. He makes us think that we will spend eternity with him. The fear of death can be overwhelming.

He sends his demons and minions to scare us and make us fear death is possible. Another way to use fear, in spiritual warfare, is the threat of bodily harm. When the enemy brings the thoughts of you being hurt physically, because of your beliefs, fight back in faith.

You stand by your words of God and you are threatened by someone, to break your legs if you keep speaking, or worse they tell you they will cut out your tongue. These are the types of things the evil one tries to scare you with and uses fear against you. Then there is the fear of being trapped by the enemy. This fear is a big fear that can paralyze a person from moving forward, because they are afraid to get caught by someone else, when they do.

The fear has done its job, when you do not move, because you become trapped where you are, and unable to move forward, to once again receive God's blessings and spiritual gifts He has for you. If you cannot get to them, then the devil has an advantage in the holy war. He is beating you in the spiritual battle if this ends up happening to you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the fear of being left behind. You have been frozen in place so long that everyone has left you. The devil likes to trick you with this, for once you have learned how to overcome the fear of being trapped, he tries to trick you with,”but it's too late! Everyone has left you behind! You are all alone!”

This fear will or can eat at you too if you are not careful. The devil is a master of all of these types of tricks. There is one more primary type of fear. That one is fear of feeling humility and the human ego. The human ego is fragile and shatters quickly. The devil knows this, and if all other attempts at scaring you into straying from the spiritual path, of God, then he will attack you with humility and shame.

The fear of being embarrassed is one that can hold a person back in many ways. It can change a person, that you would never suspect, from moving ahead to do a task, to hiding in the shadows, so you cannot see them. Fear has made people do very unusual things.

How to Overcome Fear in Your Spiritual Battle.

You are in a war every day. There is never a day off even if you have a good day. It just means that your spiritual warfare is going your way at the time. Praise God. That is a good thing, and you should not overlook it. You should count your blessings, and look to God for your next steps to be taken, for trusting God to guide you will be the safest way for you each day.

An example of the spirit of fear, that is not so general, would be living in the city and needing to go to work. You may work a direct shot of 2 miles on the same road, but it is easy enough during the day to walk. The getting to work is not when you enter the spiritual warfare, but at night when the spiritual battle begins, but only you are unaware that it is even taking place.

Angels and demons are fighting over your soul, to gain the right to keep it for God, or to take it and torment it in Hell for eternity, if it is possible. (more on “if it is possible” in the article upcoming) It is when your shift ends at 9 p.m., and the sun has gone down. It is very dark. The road that you walked to work on has no street lighting. The only light the street received, was from the lamps, that came from the houses on the street, set back off the street a bit. That made for long shadows falling over the already dark road. You look down the road as you leave work, and see things that you did not notice as you walked in. Where did that tall, dark tower come from, that seemed to creep up against the buildings?

Reflections of houses off the flood lights, that were on some of the yards and driveways on that long dark street. That made it even scarier. Would anyone be coming out of the shadows? Would anybody be coming out of the dark towering shadows that will rise in front of you?

The evil one has started his spiritual battle with you. He has planted seeds of fear of mutilation, bodily harm and possibly death and paralysis. These thoughts zip into your mind and dart across your eyes as you scan the street you walked up to get there. Every night it is the same thing. You get out of work and turn around to face the straight walk.

You think about it when fear strikes you from out of nowhere it seems. It was a flaming arrow shot at you from the enemy while your guard was down. It is now running in your veins and has changed your course (once again) to walk the most well-lit route, which is a mile longer, but feels safer because it has street lights.

During this time, Your anxiety grows as time gets later, you are getting wearier from the longer walk, and your eyes burn from trying to keep them open in the fresh air. You rub your eyes, and the thoughts run through your head so fast you almost question if you heard them. The thoughts of, “Do you realize how long this is taking you? What if your love is in danger because it is taking you too long to get home?

Are you slacking off? Why are you taking the time to stop and rub your eyes when you could be walking?” The evil one sends a flood of stinging thoughts into your mind making you stress and feel anxious and scared. The spiritual battle gets tipped in their direction. You sense the coldness of those statements and know that it is not God telling you these things. You begin to pray to God. You ask him: “With the Authority of the precious blood of your Savior Jesus Christ, which was spilled for our victory over Satan and ALL his demons and minions of all types.

Jesus HAS defeated the World and now sits on the right-hand side of our God in Heaven, The Authority in Him whom to me was given to cast out the demon spirit of fear, and all other demonic emotions, that are hindering the receiving of good gifts, works, and blessings from My Lord to me.

I command you with HIS Authority, not mine, to be cast out of me, all and not to return, nor have any other spirits be allowed to torment any of us again through the authority of Jesus Christ. Amen!”

With this type of prayer, you are calling on the power of the Lord's precious blood, to protect you from the strength of the evil one. They have no ability to come near you when the blood of the Lord covers you. He gives us the authority to defeat the demons, and we need to use HIS authority, until we are secure enough in our faith, to know and believe, that the demons also know, that Jesus is in you, and with you.

I would suggest praying, using His authority to you, at first as the demons have no choice, but to bow to Him. You can make that long walk around if you like, and take the extra time, or you can trust God, be street smart and stay in the lighted areas, if you decide to go a long way around. If you decided to trust God, and have no fear to walk the direct route home, bring a flashlight or use your phone flashlight. Keep a phone conversation going while you are on the darker path, with either a call or through text messages.

The potential attacker can hear you talking,  and will be less likely to attack you when there is a chance for someone to call the police on them. While you will be safe from the evil one when you walk home, God gave us preventative measures for dark places as good gifts from Him for these occasions to use. SO use them. Pray and Thank God for your day, and your pleasant walk home, after a day at work, making a living.

Thank Him for being able to walk to a place, that you can lay your head down, to sleep this night, and that you can eat a hot meal. Thank God, for the hot shower you can take, to relax after your short walk, and nice hot meal. Then you can lay in your bed, and rest, with a roof overhead, keeping the winds and tree leaves and debris out. All these things that I mentioned to Thank God for, are throwing hot coals on the devil and his demons, in spiritual warfare.

While you acknowledge the goodness of God's deeds and what He has left available to you. You have not taken them for granted, by thanking God for them. It is when we humble ourselves with our thanks and prayers that the devil loses his foothold in the spiritual battle. By the end of your day, and you are back at your house, spiritually, you have recharged and are ready for the next upcoming battle.  

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