Power Beyond You
The Task in Front of You is Never as Great as the Power Behind You

The emotion of fear is one that has a lot of power in the human psyche. It is a strong emotion. It is one that can be manipulated by the evil one in the spiritual battles we have. It can be helpful to us when used properly. But do you REALLY KNOW what fear IS? The definition of fear that you can get from the dictionary will tell you that fear is “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.”

Five Points of Fear

There are five major points of fear that is targeted by the evil one when it comes to spiritual warfare. It is important to understand that fear is an emotion that we can control. In the Bible, it says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Trust God that He has already won this war and pray to overcome the fear in front of you. Let's get into some of the fear you may face in a spiritual battle.

The devil does not want you to receive the good gifts of God that He has for us. He will do whatever it takes to hinder us from moving forward and claiming our glory and gifts from God. By putting fear in our lives and scaring us, he can keep us from reaching our destination. If not keep us from it, he can make us late and miss our connection with the person we needed to meet up with. Fear can hold us back.

One of the ways fear can hold you back is the fear of dying. The devil likes to use our mortality against us. He thinks that he can frighten us with not living long enough to get the job done or not finishing before our loved one dies. He intimidates us in ways we can only imagine until the time is upon us. He brings us to fear the end of our lives and that God will abandon us. He makes us think that we will spend eternity with him. The fear of death can be overwhelming. He sends his demons and minions to scare us and make us fear death if it is possible.

Another way fear is used in spiritual warfare is the threat of bodily harm. When the enemy brings the thoughts of you being harmed physically because of your beliefs. You stand by your words of God and you are threatened by someone to break your legs if you keep speaking or worse they tell you they will cut out your tongue. These are the types of things the evil one tries to scare you with and use fear against you.

Then there is the fear of being trapped by the enemy. This fear is a big fear that can paralyze a person from moving forward because they are afraid to get caught by someone else when they do. The fear has done its job when you do not move because you become trapped where you are and unable to move forward to once again receive God's blessings and gifts He has for you. If you cannot get to them then the devil has an advantage in the spiritual war. He is beating you in the spiritual battle if this ends up happening to you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is the fear of being left behind. You have been frozen in place so long that everyone has left you. The devil likes to trick you with this for once you have learned how to overcome the fear of being trapped he tries to trick you with “but its too late! Everyone has left you behind! you are all alone!” This fear will or can eat at you too if you are not careful. The devil is a master of all of these types of tricks. There is one more main type of fear.

That one is fear of feeling humility and of the human ego. The human ego is fragile and can be shattered easily. The devil knows this and if all other attempts at scaring you into straying from the spiritual path of God then he will attack you with humility and shame. The fear of being embarrassed is one that can hold a person back in many ways. It can change a person that you would never suspect from moving ahead to do a task to hiding in the shadows so they will not be seen. Fear has made people do very unusual things.

How to Overcome Fear in Your Spiritual Battle.

You are in a war every day. There is never a day off even if you have a good day. It just means that your spiritual warfare is going your way at the time. Praise God. That is a good thing and should not be overlooked. Fear comes in many fashions and you may not realize fear has started to change your actions because it is so subtle sometimes. I make sure when I am saying my prayers to thank God for being my strength, If God is your strength, then you are able to withstand the attacks of the devil with fear. God has defeated the spirit of fear and it has no power over His children. Staying in a constant state of prayer with our Lord (which can be done a lot easier than it sounds and you may think) will help you be bold and face challenges that you would once be afraid of.

Fear has a gripping affect on people. I know some people that say they are not afraid of anything but afraid when it gets dark outside, they say they cannot walk home for they might get attacked by criminals. This is what I mean by how fear can make you change your activities without you even realizing it. You may think you are not afraid and will be able to tell me statistics of how crime is higher at night if you walk alone. The reality of it is the fact that you are scared to walk out alone at night because you are afraid you may get attacked. The numbers of attacks at night are more than you feel comfortable with. As fear sets in, you decide to not go walking after dark even though you say you have no fear.

If you had faith in God to believe that He has conquered the spirit of fear and has said He will keep you safe as you walk through the shadow of the valley of death. You would not be afraid and be bold. You would be able to walk at night in confidence that the Lord is your protector and He will guide you safely through the night to your destination. Your faith is your shield in your spiritual battle with fear. Hold it up in front of you as you head out into your days and into your nights. Keep it with you and keep yourself armed for spiritual warfare is constant. You may walk out of one battle and be heading directly into another.

Give yourself a good relationship with our Lord Jesus by having a routine where you pray and meditate on the Word. Read daily from the Holy Bible. Find what works for you and stick with it. I personally read a chapter a day at minimum and maximum of three chapters. I stop at three so that I can absorb what I read and I can meditate on the Word. Meditating is not as scary as it sounds. Do not let the devil use fear of trying something “new” in meditation to get closer to the Lord. The devil wants you to be scared and feel fear ever so subtly so that you won't even talk about it to others. Meditation is just another word for sitting quietly and alone. There would be no outside interference such as cell phones, computers, or other digital media. I would suggest burning some sweet smelling incense that is pleasing to your nose and sit quietly thinking about what you read. I would pray thanking God for what you learned and asked Him for insight to know what He meant in what I had read.

It is that simple.

The fear you may have had has now been eliminated. You can pray and meditate to God to help you overcome the spirit of fear as He has done. Stay strong in this spiritual warfare. Keep close to God and the devil will flee from you. You will win the spiritual battles that you face when you can do the things I have outlined to overcome your fears. May God bless you and keep you near.

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