The purpose of the post is to answer the Question, What Does the Bible say About Depression? Does the Bible say Depression can be overcome? Before we get started, I want to introduce myself. Hello, my name is, “Nobody.” I am acquainted with clinical depression and a few years ago I attempted suicide by cop, twice. I have spent time in a mental ward, three times. I lost over a million dollars, and I am acquainted with grief and four years ago I had a doctor tell a traumatized wife and me I had 4-6 months to live. I started drinking real bad and got hooked.

Come, pull up a chair, real close. Let's reason together. I am not an uneducated man, I have a Ph.D in, of all things….Theology. I have a Bachelors in Biblical Studies in Sciences. When I went into depression was not after the diagnosis, it was before. I was successful, well liked and all my bills were paid off, I owned my own company and had been the Administrator over another with 25 employees there working for me and 22 employees of my own. I owed no man anything but love.I want to share with you some.

What Does the Bible Say About Depression? The Mental Valley Of Dry Bones!!

When I finally understood that no flesh could help me and no one cared for my soul. I would tell everyone I was fine.

So, why the Depression? turn your volume up on your computer or smartphone and get near it. I DON”T KNOW!!

I really don't know how I got there. The how I got in, really isn't as important as the how I got out! Hello,(I stand up in the circle and introduce myself), my name is Nobody, and I WAS an alcoholic.

I want to share with you some Bible verses for depression. We Will try and cover What Causes Depression. Finally, I want to share some Self Help For Depression. This will be covered in Part Two, so look for it!!

There is a beautiful song that my youngest sister, Cindy, (her four kid brothers call her, Chi Chi), wanted my daddy to hear before he died and although he didn't live long enough for the song to be played he had lived the life that the song is about. The singer sang a song about how the good LORD never promised us diamonds and gold.

Jesus did not say that we would not have to cross the river or feel the fires of adversity. No, He never promised these things. In fact, the Bible teaches that we will suffer here on Earth, but He did promise that He would be with us through the things that cause depression. The Bible says that God sees the sparrow when it falls. Did you catch that? The sparrow falls.

Why am I listening to this guy? He's lying, he's just another talking head that knows nothing about what I am going through! Is that what you are thinking!? You are SOOOOO wrong!! You are about 47 different kinds of wrong!!  I spent four very long and dangerous years in deep clinical depression. Having gone through this kind of Baptism of fire myself, On the other hand, I can assure you that there are many who are reading my words thinking to yourselves that you know what I am talking about, but I assure you, that most of you do not. Many of you who think you are depressed ARE in fact, JUST LAZY. However, if you are depressed for real, you are in what I now call  “The Mental Valley of Dry Bones.”

Funny how so many think they know what this depression is. You think you know because you are living with someone going through it and you are tired of it. You have told them to snap out of it and they don't. Let me tell you something now, Shut up!!
Don't get me wrong, I feel your pain. Well, if it is hard to watch, can you imagine what it is like to live it? No, you cannot, words don't describe it!! That's part of the problem. You want to tell someone how you feel and there are no words. They call it depression because that is how you act and you do get depressed, but the sickness itself is something different.

The reason I say this is that we assume we know what someone is going through. However, unless you yourself have been diagnosed with clinical depression, you do not know what it is like. You cannot know.

I wish there was another name for when you are so overwhelmed with this thing called life that your brain naturally starts to shut down much like your computer and you are helpless to stop it. You see what is happening, you understand what is happening.  You Just Can't Stop It!! It is similar to the way you feel the split second you realize that your keys are in the car you just locked and you are watching your hand pushing the door shut and you know you need to stop it….,but you simply can't!!

You know something is changing and it is horrible, but just as you are powerless to stop your hand from pushing the door closed, you are powerless to keep your mind from slipping into depression. Yes, it's like that, except the suffering and the process of recovering to where you once were can take years.

So many loved ones scream, “Oh,' just snap out of it already!!” However, having been forged in the fire and the surreal fog of war of this living hell myself, I can personally tell you, when it comes to depression,they cannot just snap out of it!!

I honestly feel if it had not been for the fervent prayers of my family and friends, I believe that I would still be in that horrible place I call the mental valley of dry bones. They prayed for me because I could NOT pray for myself. It was just not in me to do it.

The mind is the battle front for this horrible
, hopeless and helpless feeling of utter confusion and frustration. It is born out of a loss of purpose. I wished there was another name for it, (like silent desperation, but it is defined as clinical depression by the mental medical community who claim to understand it and cannot. It is beyond them.

Though there is a wide range of medications that can help, they make you feel funny. In fact, medication makes you feel horrible. While neuroscience and psychology do propose a broad range of theories, it is still unfortunate, not all of them are based on actual scientific facts and most of these theories are simply void of faith. You want out of depression quickly?? You NEED GOD!

I have often said that the heart of the human problem is the problem of the human heart, and I know that Clinical Depression is not just a medical and mental problem, Clinical Depression is a human condition problem. One of the scariest parts of going through clinical depression when you are a Christian is the inescapable feeling that God does not love you any longer and is no longer with youWe, need to ask ourselves, What Does The Bible Say About Depression? We need Bible Verses For Depression!!

I do understand that even dogs get Depressed. I know that medical and emotional problems contribute to depression. However, Depression and other mental illnesses do have significant spiritual components.

What Does the Bible Say About Depression?

What Does the Bible Say About Depression? The Mental Valley Of Dry Bones!!Does the Bible mention Depression directly? Yes, it does. In the book of Proverbs in chapter 12 and verse 25, the Bible mentions depression by name. It teaches us that anxiety is in the heart of man and that it is anxiety that causes depression in the first place, but that a good word will make your heart glad, (paraphrase mine).

There are certain promises that are strewn through the pages of the Bible. Here a little, there a little, line upon line and paragraph upon paragraph. My precious mother and daddy taught us that the promises they are strewn through the Word of God were the golden nuggets that need to be mined out of its pages and a claim must be staked on them for ownership.

Once we have dug them out. We need them to build our lives with. There are also silver and precious stones to fine. Gold, silver, and precious stones are representative of Spiritual works and do not burn up when tried by fire. Wood, hay, and stubble, which are representative of the works of the flesh burn up in this fire.

The Gold, Silver and the Precious Stones are representative of Spiritual works and do not burn up when tried by fire. Depression… clinical depression is being tried by fire. We dig out of this present evil age,(this world's system where the love of money reigns supreme), Wood, hay, and stubble, which are representative of the works of the flesh and they burn up in the presence of the Shekinah Fire of the Holy Spirit. What is this word,”Shekinah?' Not a what…a who. The Shekinah is the direct being of God. While God is everywhere, HE IS DEFINITELY HERE!!

What Does the Bible Say About Depression? The Mental Valley Of Dry Bones!!The Christian faith teaches us that whatever ails us, the Bible address our problems if we will spend time with the Father through the Son, by the Holy Spirit and just look, knock, seek, and ask and keep on doing it. Then, rinse and repeat.  The Bible gives us both the diagnosis and prescription for depression. People, (this means you), can and will grow beyond depression when you see the Great Physician and the Goss Pill, (gospel), is taken daily with Living Water.

What was lost by sin has been won back by Jesus on the Cross. In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

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