Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!

You are not your own for you have been bought with a price & paid for with Blood

Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So!

You are not your own for you have been bought with a price & paid for with Blood

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Revelation 12:11King James Version 

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

Marc Presley

Ok everyone . Here it is . My19th year anniversary of life . Jan 30 1998 my life was changed . It wasn’t a normal Friday cause that Thursday my boss where I worked had given us the option to work that Friday. And of course as the normal 18 year old would do . I didn’t work lol . I was putting a radio in my fiancées car . When a good friend of mine come by on a motorcycle that I had sold to him a week or so before . He had done some work on it and wanted me to take it around the block . So I did . With 3 helmets sitting on the trunk of the car I was working on I got on the bike and took off . With no helmet . This is where GOD went to work . My friends and family watched me take off down the road and through a curve . And that was the last time they saw me alive …… Until GODs mighty hand touched me . When I went around the curve I lost control of the bike and hit a tree head on . At approx 60 mph . No one knows what had happened. Remember I had no helmet on just a golf cap . That day a respiratory therapist wasn’t feeling well so she called off work . She live about 15 blocks from the wreck . Not feeling well she decided to take a walk . Just so happens she walked right up on the wreckage . Finding me on the ground with a 2in diameter piece of skull missing on the right side of my head with gravel embedded in my brain . She kept me alive for a short period of time till the ambulance arrived . And then they lost me . I was pronounced D.O.A . Dead on arrival ……….. That was the end of Marcus Aaron Presley . Though they thought . But GOD had something working ………… When I arrived to Hellen Keller hospital in Sheffield Alabama I was D.O.A . There They resuscitated me and brought back to life . ( NOTE ) they did not find my piece of skull at the wreck site . So the doctors picked the gravel out of my brain and wrapped my head up with bandage . As they called for the med flight helicopter to come and take me to Huntsville hospital . At Hellen Keller my family was told not to rush to Huntsville for I would not live the flight . And I didn’t . They lost me again in flight to Huntsville . When I arrived to Huntsville hospital there were 6 surgeons waiting for me . 3 were brain surgeons . They wheeled me straight into the operating room and much to their surprise there was NO skull missing!!!! Remember it was not found at the wreckage .. Some friends of the family had went to the tree that I hit and found my skull . So the rushed it to the Sheffield PD and told them that they found my piece of skull and I needed it to rush it to Huntsville ….. But guess what I didn’t 🙂 GOD had already took care of that . As the good doctors of Huntsville worked on me the GREAT DOCTOR was also . I became stabilized BUT I was in a coma . After I was put back together with a little titanium and bolts I was sent to a room . Still in a coma . Then my family was told the news …. They said if your son lives he will more then likely be brain dead or a vegetable. You could only imagine being a parent and hearing those words . So for 10 days I laid there motionless in a coma …. Then I awake and complaining about the neck brace rubbing the back of my neck . So the doctors brought in a portable X-RAY machine to figure out how to set up the halo on my head . At this time GOD is still working on me . About 15 minutes after they come and done the X-RAYS the doctor came in and took the neck brace off . My neck was not broken anymore ….. We were told that I would be in that hospital for at least a year or more . Praise GOD I was released and sent home 14 days from the day of the wreck …. I had a cast that went from my right wrist to my shoulder and when it was taken off is when I found out my right arm was dead ( paralyzed ) so I was sent to New Orleans to one I’ve the best nerve surgeons in the US . There I found out my nerves were pulled completely out of my spine . Surgery was needed BUT just a short period of time before appointment I woke up and stretched both arms up to the sky 🙂 yet another blessing from GOD. Although I do believe that Marcus Aaron Presley did die at that tree that day. Only to make room for the new person that I am today . I am so truly blessed to be sitting here writing this tonight . This may be just the basics of the whole ordeal but I hope this will open your hearts to receive JESUS and the many many blessings that he has for you ……. I thank you for reading this and GOD bless you all


Hey Chris…

I am a Christian and my belief in God is unwavering. I have led a pretty blessed life…it’s had it’s ups and downs just like everyone else…

He has been there for me when the need has been required…I didn’t even really need to ask! He knows when it’s time to be there!

I would like to share where my life is up to at the moment after a few years with some ‘close shaves’! And why I wake up everyday and give THANKS to GOD every day…

I do believe I have HIS hand on me…really I shouldn’t be here. If not for my GP 9 years ago saying to me…’you don’t look too well’ and ordering me to have all the cardio tests etc I wouldn’t be here. I lasted 7 seconds on the stress test machine and they wouldn’t let me out of the hospital…I was there for a week! Apparently I was just about to pop with 2 100% blocked, 1 was 80% blocked and the other one was deformed!!! I had the surgery about 3 weeks later mid November…I went in on the Monday and I was out the following Saturday…4 weeks later I was yahooing around Borneo having a wow of a Christmas and New year playing with the Orangs! The new plumbing was amazing!

As for the head thing…the same doctor sent me off to get a scan for my sinus problems! The people there ordered me to go straight to hospital emergency…they rushed me into a room after they found my blood pressure was 240/120…they wouldn’t let me go to sleep for 24 hours…apparently they didn’t think I would wake up! I thought I had a tumor!

As for the leg thing…I need full artery by pass but the head doctor won’t let the leg doctor do the surgery…they had a full blown argument in front of me in the consulting room…it was hilarious!

I truly count my blessings and you are one of them! I say a prayer of THANKS every morning and off I go again.

Well, there it is!

Some people are just meant to cross our paths and Chris Scott is one of those people! Thank you for the opportunity to share my story…GOD BLESS YOU & ALL WHO ARE AROUND YOU!


I am a born again CHRISTIAN and I Love The LORD! He has been so good to me and I’m glad that he did not treat me the way I treated him.

You see years ago I turned my back on him because the things I lIked werE not GODLY. women and weed. the LORD still BLESSED Me and Forgave Me For ALL Of My Sins.

I now give Him my ALL!

Hallelujah and Glory To HIS HOLY NAME;
To GOD Give The Glory;
Your Brother In CHRIST;
William L.


Hello Friend~
I feel, even though we have had only a few conversations I have earned the right. I know when our time comes I will see you in heaven. You are a saint beyond sight and I am very proud to call you friend. I want to scream from the mountain tops that there is someone out there that knows the LORD and his words are law for I am my brothers keeper and this one I can testify is one swell guy!

I know this is supposed be space where I talk about how the lord saved me but it is hard for me talk about things like that without coming off laborious so I just live it and pass the buck, my day will come to speak and I pray you are there to Occupy the space in the front row.
Ta-ta for now

Greer Reynolds

I several testimonials. I will share one of the latest. In October I traveled to Iowa to attend a Commercial Truck Driver Training school. I had never driven tractor trailers before. In fact, I had never driven a standard shift vehicle before. I passed the course. I was hired by the company and the first week of November I was on the road driving big rigs from the east coast to the west coast literally. The lead driver decided that we would be home for Thanksgiving holiday. I though that was great because I hadn’t been home to see my family since October 3. Something wen terribly wrong while I was home waiting for my next move. To this day I am not sure. However, I am no longer working for that company. God has a way of working things out. A few weeks later our youngest daughter became very ill. We didn’t have a clue as to what was wrong. When things got to a point that we needed to have professionals come in we got her to the ER just in time. In January she was diagnosed with lupus. The doctors stated after doing several tests, drawing ridiculous amounts of blood and draining all of the energy out of our daughter that we got her in on time. God is able!!!

She was prescribed high dosages of steroids that helped her internally but changed her physical appearance. Remember, she is 12 years old. We are so blessed today that God stepped in when God did. None of her brain functionality was affected. In fact, she finished the school year with straight A’s and she was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. This is all after being diagnosed with a life-altering disease. God is bigger than all of this!

Michael Fogarty

I am sharing my testimony with you because God has told me it is time to get His story out. I have told my testimony to many one on one in person and each time the people I have told are moved by God’s Grace to the point of spiritual tears. I do not know if many of you have ever felt spiritual tears before but they are different from crying painful tears or tears of joy. To begin my experience I must give a little pre-history of the time. It is 1989, February, I am 18 years old and just came home from the Air Force on a DD214 leave for mental stress. I was having difficulty dealing with a brutal home life and I thought the Air Force would be an escape for me but the effects carried over and were noticed by the doctors there. I was sent home until I could “collect my thoughts” and then I could reapply but for now I was at home again, in the home that caused the problems, now a military man, dealing with an abusive step father. Only good thing I had was my old job that I got back, my girlfriend and my brand new 1988 chevy celebrity car,
On February 23rd at 2:30 am, I was driving down a road after leaving my girlfriend at home after work. I gave her a kiss good night/bye and drove a different way home. I just didn’t want to go home and face that man that beat me all the time. I had had enough of it and was grown now. I joined the Force to leave yet I was sent back for some unknown reason. I was mad as hell about it. The road I was on was called Diamond Hill Rd in Cumberland, RI. It is a road known to be very windy and dangerous to travel over the speed limit which is fast enough at 45 miles per hour. While I was deep in thought about “WHY WAS I HOME??” two cars racing at a high rate of speed coming down the road at me covering both sides of the road leaving me nowhere to go but head on with them or take my chance on a very slim break down lane of getting by them in the dirt and hopefully swinging back up around them again on the main road. It did not work. My car had the two right side tires go into the sand with the two left side tires still up on the tar. When I got by the cars on the road I had to pull fast to avoid the trees and boulders/rocks in the woods coming fast at me, I cut the wheel hard but the right wheels that were in the dirt bounced off of the tar that was completed and ended there and kicked into the wooded area and charged at 48 mph head on into a tree first at the driver’s side. The car hit directly with my body flying forward into the steering wheel. I had not put my seatbelt on that day. (Thank God for that) My head shattered in three pieces as the steering wheel bent completely in half and only stopping at the column. The engine came into the front seat where I was supposed to be sitting but the car swung itself around after it hit the tree and my body flew into the car door away from the engine that came in getting pinned against the car door by the moving engine with the directional going through my intestines which held me into place. The car as it swung its tail out hit a boulder, flipped over, bounced upside down, bounced right side up and spun and wrapped itself around and into a telephone pole.
I was dead at the scene of the accident. I had broken my skull in 3 places, torn my spine from my head but it stayed inside the flesh. Just the bones were torn from the skull area which in surgery they reattached in amazement because there was no spinal cord injury at all in that area where it looked like my head was torn off.
They told me after that no one EVER lives from an injury to that region of the skull.
I broke 17 bones in my right foot and 8 bones in my left. I broke both my shins and i crushed 8 vertebrae in my spine. I was in a coma when I got into the hospital. I was in that coma for 2 and 1/2 days. The doctors told my family that IF I survived the coma, I would be unable to walk again and most likely not be able to feel from my neck down and IF I did come out of the coma that I would definitely be in a vegetative state for the rest of my life due to the trauma my head sustained. In my coma, I had a miraculous experience. I did not see or know about my car accident. Last thing I remember was I was driving and thinking about not wanting to go home ever again and then I was waiting. I was sitting down like on a bench. I was leaning forward, elbows on my knees looking outward for as far as I could look. I could see forever. It was dark out but not pitch black. I could tell there was nothing and the nothing lasted forEVER. When I mean forever I mean not just for a few miles. I mean it was as far as the ocean is wide forever long dark. I could see that far and I could see that there was nothing at all to see in any direction. Once I recognized the fact that I was in the middle of nowhere, I stood up and said to myself “When is He going to get here?” (When I was a younger Christian, I used to be ashamed of myself for asking/demanding of God to come for me like He PROMISED us He would come. I would be ashamed telling others of how I expected God to come for me but now as I tell this to you here I am not ashamed of expecting God to come for me anymore but I am strong in knowing that God WAS coming for me and I just needed to wait for Him. He promised us He will come for us, and He came for me) As SOON as I said to myself “When is He going to get here?” I saw a bright bright light blazing in fast from a distance that looked like a chariot being pulled by giant horses. They were huge compared to the size of me. They towered over me and I could see from inside the chariot the glow coming off of the Lord as He took me inside and we were off.
Instantly I was inside what felt like the palm of His hand but it fit my entire body easily. I felt very safe and comforted. I felt like I was snug and kept close to the heart when I heard a voice. The voice came from behind me on the right side.
It told me “This is what you will be leaving behind”
It was a male voice that sounded very familiar and soothing to me. I turned my head to the right to see who it was but stopped short saying to myself ” I know who that is, I don’t need to look” and I turned back to look at what He was showing me. We were traveling very quickly but not fast by every place and person that was important to me. We traveled at the height of the wires hanging on a telephone pole in the air. Instantly we were at the outside of the building where I worked. I could see the building and the inside was like a movie playing where I could see all of my co-workers inside laughing and talking but I was not there. Life was going on without me. Next we were passing by my girlfriend’s house and I felt a longing to see her and I missed her but all I saw was her house. I did not see her at all, we just passed by and went to my home where I laid my head at night. It was my family’s home. I lived on a corner house where we had a three car garage behind the house on the corner. To park the cars, you had to pass the house on the corner. We looked at my house from the top of the telephone pole height across the street facing my street where the house was first, then the three car garage. The way the spots went were first was mine, the middle was my step father and the third was my mother’s spot. I looked on the house and the parking spots and I saw my mother’s car, my step-father’s car and in my spot, there was 18 inches of snow or exactly a foot and a half. I knew it was that amount exactly. I did not have to ask anyone, I just knew. After seeing ll of these things, I woke and God let me.
I woke to the sounds of monitors beeping and nurses yelling and my mom and sister calling for the doctor that I was moving. They had me in an angel’s halo so I could not move my neck and my eyes were swollen shut. I had 9 layers of stitches closing my forehead shut from the impact on the steering wheel. I could not talk. My sister had my hand and I tried to squeeze it. She started to code out letters in squeezes and got to “WH -” and she blurted out “What happened?” I squeezed a lot and my mother told me. She told me I totaled my brand new car and they had to cut off my brand new clothes I had on and my girlfriend was mad at me for hurting myself. My fragile body could not take the news and I had a heart attack on the spot and I died again.
Thankfully, they had already called the doctors in because I had just woke up and they got there just in time to see me stop breathing again to revive me.
God REALLY wanted to make sure if I wanted to stay with Him or not and He gave me one last chance to change my mind. Again, I was revived and again the doctors told my family to not expect too much from me. They warned them that I would be brain damaged with my brain losing oxygen for so long and the trauma to the spinal stem in the brain. It was illogical to them that I was even opening my eyes. I should just be doing involuntary movements only they told them.
By the Grace of our God and the Mercy of my Lord Jesus Christ, I not only was not brain damaged like they thought but just 13 days after I came into that hospital dead on arrival, I WALKED OUT OF THAT HOSPITAL. PRAISE GOD!.. Now, When I rode home in the car with my mom, I was still very fragile and needed help to move around. I was not fully recovered by any means. As I got out of her car, and walked from her third spot towards the house to the first spot where I usually park my car, I saw snow in my spot. It was now March 8th. I asked my mom, “Mom, When did it snow?” She nearly teared up saying OOOH MICHAEL!! The night that you crashed! It snowed and snowed. It snowed a foot and a half! I prayed for it to stop but it kept coming. Exactly a foot and a half Michael”
When she said that, All the hairs on my arms and neck rose up and I had my confirmation of my time with God in my coma. She had validated the facts of what I had seen without ever knowing what I had seen. I never told her about my visit from God at that point or the snow in my spot that I saw. Because of what she told me, I knew God had taken me to my house and let me choose to stay on earth. He also had given me a choice to go to Heaven with Him. I was Blessed and had things still left to do. BUT WHAT? I had a lot to find out.. In the next coming years I learned a lot and I have one prophecy or prediction He had shown me that has yet to pass. All the others have come to pass and now there is one left. I am saving that for another time.

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