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Waging Spiritual Warfare in High Places
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What Is Fear?

Do you Know What Fear Is? The emotion of fear is one that has a lot of power in the human psyche. It is an intense feeling. It is one that can be manipulated by the evil one in the spiritual battles we have. It can be helpful to us when using fear properly. But...

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Do you know what addiction is?

What I am going to tell you is not based on science but on my observation of people and their habits. Hopefully you will find something of use for you here and you will be able to implement it into your life. Are all addictions equal? No! No two addictions are the...

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What Causes Depression? Defining Depression.

One of the most crippling tools the old devil has in his bag of tricks to cripple the souls of mankind is depression. Depression takes the fight out of you. Well, it has been said that all evil needs to triumph, is for good men to do nothing. In this post, I am...

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The War of the Worlds Pt.2 – Stinking Thinking

The Book Of Judges Talks About The War of the Worlds, A Time Of Moral Declenching And Says That Every Man Did What Was Right In Their Own Eyes. The Real Tragedy Is That They Are Not Doing What They Think Is Wrong. They Think That They Are Doing Good! It Is One Thing...

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Please Share Your Testimony!

Thank you so much for sharing with this old dark world what Jesus has done for you. Please find at the very bottom where you can share your testimony by typing it out in the comment box. Please scroll all the way to the bottom to add a new testimony of the...

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Does True Love Exist? The Dead Man Walking!

This Post is written to let the downcast know that God loves them, people, who have been asking themselves the question. Does true love exist? Yes, it does! No matter who you are, and just as you are. God wants you to be perfect, but you say, " I can't live that way."...

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