The Book Of Judges Talks About A Time Of Moral Declenching And Says That Every Man Did What Was Right In Their Own Eyes. The Real Tragedy Is That They Are Not Doing What They Think Is Wrong. They Literally Think That They Are Doing Good! It Is One Thing That A Blind Man Not To See The Sun.

It Is Something Else For Him To Preach It Doesn't Exist. The World Has Everything Upside Down, Calling White Black, And Black White. The Heart Of The Human Condition Is The Condition Of The Human Heart.

Today we are going to be talking about The Worldly Battle. Okay, let's do some gigging today. Just whom are we are we at war? Well, I'm so glad you asked? We do have to know our enemy or in the case of spiritual warfare, enemies, which are;

  1. The World
  2. The Flesh
  3. The Devil

Our first enemy may be a bit of a shocker. The main reason is that someone new to the Word of God may be slightly confused after reading John 3:16 that we are at war with the world.

What Is The World in The Worldly Battle?

The Strong’s Greek and Hebrew dictionary define the “world” as the “earth (as moist and therefore inhabited); by large the planet; by implication the people.

Why are we at war with what God the Father loved so much that He would not even spare His own Son to deliver?

We are not. What? You said we were, Preacher boy. Okay, please allow me to answer in a way that my dear ole pappy used to say in the heartland of Alabama years ago. Bull is a cow, but a cow is not a bull. The People are the world, but in this case, the world is not the people. Confused yet?

Let's try one more thing then. We dig into the deep, healthy meat in a way that will not confuse me.

We are to love the sinner, right? After all, one of the main reason's they crucified, Jesus was because He was the friend of sinners. He must love sinners; He made so many of them.

While we are to love the sinner, we are to hate their sin. It is this collective sin that God hates, not the citizens, but the sin of the citizens. Yes, I know that there is no (s) at the end of sin, that is because there are not sins as of many, but sin. All unrighteousness is sin. Let's look at some scripture.

The Mindset Of The Worldly Battle

Romans 12:2 refers to the imperial world governmental system. Huh?? Let me say it like this. It is how the people collectively consider themselves as wise, and have become as fools in the way they choose to live on the Earth, and regulate laws according to what they view as right, because they are leaning on their understanding. Vainly puffed up because of fleshy minds, having their understanding darken.

They go about doing what is right in their own eyes. Notice that I did not say that they go about doing what is wrong in their own eyes, no. The tragedy of it all is, they believe they are doing right. Leaders of the blind, who are blind themselves, and stumbling in darkness, because they can not see afar off. Don't be dismayed. However, Jesus Christ is near you, because it is Jesus that I preach. These words that affect you strangely are life. They are Spirit.

Going through your eyes, to your brain, where you understand, then can choose to believe, and so on to the heart, and by the heart the mouth will speak, and confession unto Salvation.

I don't understand all that, preacher! Well, you do not have to, you only need to believe it is true, and accept it. God will do the rest, have a little faith, He will.  I do not understand how a light bulb works, but I am not going to sit in darkness until I figure it out. I just believe that when I flick the switch, the light will come on.

The Apostle, Paul, told us not to conform to the norms of this world, of how others live, but instead to live in such a way as to please God and not man.

We are to be in this world, but not of this world. By necessity, the ship has to be in the sea, but may God help the ship if the sea gets in it. Jesus says in John 17:14-16, Click on the Bible passage, read and exit to come back here.

In the Pascal Prayer that Jesus prayed here in  John 17, He sends a clear message through His prayer concerning the seriousness of how we live in this “world.”

Now read John 17:6-26. What does verse 14 say about this world and us? What does Jesus ask on our behalf in verse 15? What is the central point of Jesus' prayer for us (verse 21)?

After reading John 17, it becomes apparent that when Jesus came to live in our hearts, that we became alien to this world. Now, if we are in the world, but not of the world, you can rest assured that we are going to have conflicts.

If you are not having conflicts with the way this world thinks about tolerance of sin such as abortion and homosexuality, then maybe you should examine the Scriptures, because you think you have Eternal Life.

Proverbs 14:12  There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Those conflicts are the battle fronts of spiritual warfare. Do You want to know why? Blood simple, because the physical manifestations of the world, such as the birds and the fish and the trees, the ocean, and the sky are not the problem.

It is the “powers that be” in this old world that are in conflict with God and as children of God, in conflict with us. The world hated Him first and now that we are like Him ourselves, they will hate us also.

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