When Jesus was in the wilderness after His baptism, He overcame the Devil by quoting scriptures. As you grow in grace become more and more spiritually mature, you will also become a threat to our adversary, the Devil. You will need to know scriptures for spiritual warfare.

Revelation 12:10-17

When my oldest son was born.  He had a birth that was under extreme duress and came into this world as white as a gallon of milk. The nurses and doctors ushered him out of the room so fast it made heads spin, and we were not able to see him for awhile. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the delivering Obstetrician came back into the room to let us know that they had got him breathing.

It was then explained to us that there was a hole in his heart and that his kidneys were failing, they called the butter yellow appearance of his eyes and skin, “jaundice.” We were scared to death. I wept as I called my parents to let them know how the baby was.

Daddy told me not to worry none because he and mama would do something about it as I stood there with him on the phone; I wondered, now just what could they do about it. I had sought out the best team there was, money was no object, and they did not know what to do about it. Sunshine and I, lay awake all night in numbing fear. The next morning, I came up from the cafeteria, expecting to find my wife crying and my baby dead.

The Obstetrician, who had delivered, Bubby, shouted at me, ” come quickly.”   I braced for the horrible news I already knew to be true, that my baby boy was dead. I was wrong! The doctors could not explain it, but he was in perfect shape. The hole they could not find, he was pink as could be, and his kidneys were fine. I called mama and daddy. ( They did not have caller I.D.)

The phone never rang, my pop picked up the phone and before I could speak, he said mama says to tell you that she is happy the baby is fine. We cried together, and I asked if I woke them up and he said, ” son, we have not been to bed except to place the baby in the middle of the bed, and we got on either side and joined hands, and we went to war with Satan.

Yes, I know that all the blessed ones that are rejoicing in heaven were once warriors on this, Earth.  Victors below. I often think of my dear parents who have gone on before me as creatures of another race who were somehow capable of nobler things.

Surely they must have been endowed with certain graces which I cannot reach, and all decked out in holiness that is beyond me. However, thinking back, I never saw any halos; their foreheads furrowed with wrinkles like a mule and plow would furrow a field.

I remember that their hair grew gray with stress and worry over their eight children. Yes, hard for an old country boy like me to believe at times, but their glory came by grace. The same grace of God that is available for all us who believe and call upon the precious name of, Jesus. They knew Christian spiritual warfare scriptures.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE TRAINING – used by everyone that is at war with the Devil.

  1. In the Revelation 12:10-17  Makes it very clear that Satan assaulted these saints all, how could they have a victory without a fight?
  2. They were glorified after Satan attacked them and his damnable horde, they resisted, (means to fight, not to ignore),  him. You will never overcome an enemy without a fight.
  3. They fought and were overcomers. It is one thing to resist it is another to resist unto blood. When you want the victory like a drowning man wants air, you will seek the LORD and he will cause you to be more than conquers through Christ.

SPIRITUAL WARFARE TRAINING – Two Weapons Used To Overcome!

  1. First, the blood of the Lamb: It is essential to explain to you here that the blood of the Lamb will not help you until that blood until it becomes your own. Jesus', blood is the blood of the covenant, the new testament which Jesus ratified by blood, His blood which He poured on the judgment seat of the Father, turning it to a mercy seat for us all who will accept His sacrifice as our own. Without that blood, then none of the covenant gifts of God to us are secured. ….It is the light of life. They had the blood of the Lamb, so they had the right which that blood bought. Even they were bought with a price and paid for with blood.
  2. They overcame the devil by the word of their testimony. What is a testimony? Testimony is simply what an eye witness know. You tell what you have seen and heard. You know the reason a lot of so called Christians don't witness? They haven't seen or heard anything.


  1. They never feared to witness about a bleeding Redeemer, a Savior. I hope you will never be ashamed of your blessed hope either.
  2. They had unswerving loyalty. They rightly knew that it was better to die than deny the Lord who had bought them.
  3. They loved not their lives unto the death.” No actual Christian considers anything to be their own. They surrendered all, body, soul, and spirit, to the cause of cause of Christ and His precious blood. This determination and consecration caused them to be the perfect self-sacrifice with absolute surrender and total commitment to His Lordship. Prove your love to the cause of Christ by memorizing scriptures for spiritual warfare.

It is our desire to go all over the world. This website and in person teaching and preaching Jesus to those ensnared by Islam and those who simply need the hand of God. Thank you.

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