OVERCOMING EXTREME ANXIETY!  More than forty million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety or depression or both, according to The Anxiety and Depression Association of America.

Business suits and raw nerves. All stressed up and nowhere to go. America sells over 4 billion pounds of aspirin every year, and prescription and illicit drugs flow through the streets of the wealthy and the have-nots alike like open sewers. We live in a world that's not granddaddy's. America is full of multi-million dollar houses that make beautiful broken homes.

Hyperactive children in today's schools.

OVERCOMING EXTREME ANXIETY. When men and women are driven to work more and more trying to keep up with the Jones. Meanwhile, their children are drugged to behave in school. We are beginning to see the cracks of the breakdown of families, increasing weight from financial enslavement, and unsettling news from around the world to your backyard every time we pick up the remote.

Violent old' movies, witchcraft, vampires, sexual perversion and other forms of raw feces dumped into our living rooms and the hearts and minds of our children by television. Guarding our entertainment choices is important. The dynamics of our children in one generation will be the law of the land in the next.

The Bible plainly says that He will keep us in perfect peace if our minds and hearts stay on Him. America has taken God out of the equation of American lives, schools and in politics and the actual sources of being anxious, hopeless, depression and fear are made manifest in a dark and dying land with it hand on the foot of the Church.

Jesus is the only answer to what ills our land today. Astrology and an Ouija board don't cut it. Jesus the only real source of joy, peace, and comfort. No human drug, ingenuity or creativeness can fill the massive void that forms in God's absence.

Have you ever experienced true worry or anxiety? Our English word worry derives from an Anglo-Saxon word that means “to strangle.” The Bible term, merimnao, “to be anxious,” is transliterated “to be torn apart.”

The two most profound thieves of the human soul are “what if” and ” if only.”

“If only”, worrying about the past and, “what if”‘ anxiety about the future come when the mind dwells on things it cannot recreate or change.

When you thinks about problems the resulting negative heart feelings go wild and awry in a different direction altogether.

It is now creating a horrific cycle that will tear us apart and strangle our emotions. If we are to enjoy peace, we must get to know the King of Peace, Jesus, the Son of the Living God. All other grounds are sinking sands.


It is the will of God for you to feed your soul with Scriptures. Then you will know what to do when these strongholds take hold? King David found victory; he had been anointed to become king of Israel.

As a valiant teenage warrior, he slew Goliath of Gath and delivered the children of Israel from the hands of the oppressors. Receiving favor from King Saul, he made David, his armor-bearer and took his place in the royal family. But Saul's favor turned because he was jealousy and unstable in all his ways. He was double-minded.

David spent years running from Saul. God gave David opportunity which presented itself twice. However, David refused to harm Saul, while Saul continued to hunt him down like a dog to kill him.

I think we would agree this would cause many of us to fall into states of anxiety and depression. David's resistance not to kill Saul came from a very deep well. A secret closet where he placed his trust in God. Psalm 42:5

David, mentally and emotionally battle scared, and thread bear and wearing thin face, the battle of having to rise above what his negative emotions and thoughts attempt to dictate to him. He did battle with the devil with no holds barred.

The beautiful thing about walking with God is that He has breathed His breath of life and heart of love into our spirit, filling us up to overflowing with His love, goodness, and authority. David did what we should do. He spoke taught his soul to hope in God.

Then he started praising Him, which is critical to overcoming spiritual warfare, overwhelming the legions of the damned and obtaining victory in Jesus, my Savior forever.


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Thanksgiving is how we enter His gates. Instead of gripping choose to praise Him out loud and thank Him for all the beautiful things He has done. Praise the Father through Jesus by the Holy Ghost in advance for the things for which you are still waiting.

Like a spiritual breakthrough. While you are waiting, you will realize that His peace and presence are everywhere. God affirms within us, “Kingdom authority.” Kingdom authority is the attitude and expectations that agree with what God says in His Word about us.

The following Scriptures are laid out to aid you in the process of spiritual warfare against the liars of anxiety and worry. They have been developed to open in a new tab so once you read them, just exit out of the page and you will be back here by default. Now, put your armor on, study these Scriptures and engage in Spiritual Warfare.

These Spiritual Warfare Scriptures will show you how to overcome depression and anxiety


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