This Post is written to let the downcast know that God loves them, people, who have been asking themselves the question. Does true love exist? Yes, it does! No matter who you are, and just as you are. God wants you to be perfect, but you say, ” I can't live that way.” LOL, I know!  It is not healthy people who need of a doctor. Make no mistake; I am not saying,  you have to sin, and God will love you either. Because is stated that I give people a license to sin. Ha! Man does not need a license to sin, he is going to anyhow. God doesn't love you because you are a sinner, He loves you in spite of the fact that, you are a sinner! It is God that pleases God.

Does True Love Exist?  I Came that You Might Have Life!

God did not come to the dead man and woman, nor boy or girl to make them alive. He told men who had hearts already pumping blood, ” I come that ye might have LIFE.” Just because someone is walking around are they alive. They are dead while they live. Dead man walking. He doesn't want your filthy works of self-righteousness. He wants you! He does not want you to try and live; He came to give you life, and you are to live that life abundantly! Just because granddaddy has passed away does not make him dead either.


DOES TRUE LOVE EXIST? The Dead Man Walking!Jesus said that Lazarus was sleeping, he stated that the little girl he raised from the dead was sleeping. When you received salvation, you received the seed of Life,(capitalized because life here is a person, not a concept), that God, sealed in your body until the day of redemption. This seed is the earnest of the Spirit of God. The promise of the supreme being God the Father who is bound by His Word an oath to fulfill it! You have this promise for an anchor of your soul. This, and the fact that God cannot lie. He knew of nothing greater, so He swore by Himself.

So, when you die, your spirit returns to God, who gave it, but His Spirit that you invited inside yourself, cannot leave until that body of yours is GLORIFIED! Behold, the living dead. You can't make this stuff up. The dead living men and living dead men. He wants the poor in spirit to do righteousness because you love Him, and this is only because He first loved you. You do not have the power to live right, you cannot, stop trying, admit it. You cannot. Simply believe He can enable you to live right and tell him you surrender and accept His death, as payment in full for your sin. Ask Him to come into your heart and live that God-centered driven life through you. Then thank him for saving you and straight way, go out and be baptized.

Does God Know You? Do You Belong To Him? Does true love exist?



Question. Does God love a thief, an adulterer, a homosexual, a murderer, a Muslim? Ten thousand times and thousands of thousands, yes, He does! How Does God Love You? I do not talk puppy-love or even intense love nor that of a mother and child. Compared to the love of God, who spared NOT His only begotten Son, but freely delivered Him to death to pay the wages of your sin which are death, who condemned sin in the flesh by nailing it to His cross.

When I say God loves you, I mean agape love, that God IS love, pure light in whom is no darkness at all. With no conditions nor strings nor shadows of turning.  What Are You Preaching? A Feel Good Gospel? A better question would not be what, but whom. I preach Jesus! God's absolute and unconditional love for all men except the SELF-righteous. Those who think that, they are too good not to go to Heaven and are headed straight to hell.  Works are the crux of this whole Post. There is no one, too awful not to go to heaven, nor too grand not to go to hell. The ground is LEVEL at Calvary. There are no little u(s) and no big I(s).

God does not love you because of who you are, no, He does not! God loves you because of Who He is, and He cannot deny Himself. Therefore, I conclude that man is justified by faith alone apart from the deeds of so-called good works. When a man becomes saved, it is an eternal covenant that CANNOT break because it was God the Father who cut the covenant with God the Son, who are one. The hope of glory is Christ within, and He cannot deny Himself.

Does True Love Exist? Love? What Do You Mean?

DOES TRUE LOVE EXIST? The Dead Man Walking!God did not save you because of who we are. “Phileo” love is brotherly love; it means being fond of someone. However, God's love is “agape”, which means He loves because His very being demands it. Agape love means he loves the homosexual and the Muslim and the drunkard, but He is not fond, (Phileo), of them. God loves the sinner, but He HATES the SIN. He is not fond of the abomination of homosexuality nor the murderous teachings of the Koran. God loves those who are deceived by them but calls you out of darkness, into His marvelous light.

The hatred that some professing “Christians” have for the unsaved is tragic, (notice I said profession and not possessing).  A TRUE Christian will be Spiritual and love the person not because of who they are or are not, but despite who they are or are not! Yes, God does hate sin and please do NOT forget that one of His names is, The LORD God of Sabaoth, The fiery wrath of God abides upon Christ-rejecters. Those who trample under foot the blood of the covenant. They count the precious blood of Jesus as an unclean thing. They are going and deserving of hell.


Let us never stray from the Biblical doctrine of God's wondrous love toward us, while we were yet sinners, and without strength.  This agape love forced God the Father, to actually allow Jesus, the Christ, His only BEGOTTEN Son, (I am an adopted son and the angels are the angelic sons of God. Adam was the son of God, His created son.DOES TRUE LOVE EXIST? The Dead Man Walking!

If your Bible says in John 3:16 that Jesus was His only son instead of His only begotten son or if it does not say, “through His blood, in Col 1:14, it is not a translation, it is a lie.


DOES TRUE LOVE EXIST? The Dead Man Walking!
Here is a list I compiled of missing Bible Verses.

There are many other errors in these so-called versions, but time will not permit here. If you want me to email you in detail the mistakes of other versions, I will. Just please let me know in the comment section), to be nailed to a tree.

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