1What I am going to tell you is not based on science but on my observation of people and their habits. Hopefully you will find something of use for you here and you will be able to implement it into your life.

Are all addictions equal?

No! No two addictions are the same and not all addictions are harmful to your health.

The way I like to think of it is focus. If you focus on something for long enough it can become an addiction. Watching TV for hours on end. Thinking about food and eating food. Exercising and spending all your free time in the gym. Playing your guitar in every spare moment you have.  The worst kind of addiction is drugged induced.  This is where the drug is so powerful that you can't live without it, it is you, it becomes a fiber of your being.

Anything you get obsessed about will be or become an addiction. The question is, is it any good for you?

This is a question only you can answer. It doesn’t matter what your friends and family think, what matters is what you think. You have to be truthful with yourself. If you are truthful with yourself then you have a better chance of changing if needed.

Think about a guitarist. Their only ambition is to be a performer and be a recognized musician. Possibly even become famous. So they spend every minute of every day practicing their art.

Then you have to ask yourself will their family and friends suffer. Of course they will. We want to be around people who inspire us, make us feel happy but we can’t do that if they are locked up in a room somewhere and do not want to talk to anybody.

Think about that for a moment…are you the one shutting people out of your life or is someone shutting you out of their life?

Time for a change.

In order to break an addiction you first have to recognize if you have one. Generally speaking, the people around you will let you know in some form or another if this is the case.

Then you need to take action to break the addiction. This could be by involving an outside influence if you are not competent or brave enough to do it on your own. (I believe this applies to most people otherwise they would be in charge of their addiction) There is plenty of help out there of which you can inquire about secretly or publicly.

There will always be a plan to follow. If you are doing it by yourself then strict discipline is required. If you are doing this with an institution or doctor you will have moral and emotional support. Family can be very supportive here, if they are enrolled in your ‘new’ regime. Let them help you as best they can.

I also know that some people are not ready for a change, because they feel their lives are going nowhere, and don’t have the energy to change. I understand it is very hard when you are addicted to do much about it.

In the end all addictions are equal.

This is because an addiction is an addiction and all require a tremendous amount of effort to break.

So if you feel that this might be you, do seek help. This does not have to be your life, you can have far more going for you than you thought. There is a world out there for you to explore. Get your full quota of happiness out of this life you have. Talk to people who inspire you and follow their example. Don’t hold back, become the person you most admire.

Michael Greensmith

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