Everywhere you look today the spirit of fear cripples and destroys the powers that be concerning governments and kingdoms and individuals. This post is intended to show you how to win when it come to conquering the spirit of fear with the love of God. The spirit of fear is one of the devil’s favorite weapons. Satan knows that fear will sever your connection with God's power in your life because fear is the opposite of faith. Fear will cripple you spiritually, just like severing the spinal cord, will cripple you physically.

Fear not only takes you out of the fight, it takes the fight out of you. You will not complete the Great Commission, if fear cripples you, in the battle that rages all around you, in the invisible realm. Just the idea of any of this fills Satan with content. We must go about conquering the spirit of fear, with the love of God, that cast out all fear and relieves us from torment.

Conquering the spirit of fear in my son.

When my oldest son was about four years old, he had a fear of monsters in the closet after watching Monsters Inc. the movie. I grew tired of calming him by checking closets every few hours, so I did something foolish and now I was conquering the spirit of fear because I loved my son and God loved us both. I told him that monsters in his closets would not hurt him, that it was the monsters under his bed he had better be afraid. Needless to say, I opened up a door in my little man's mind that caused me to fight spiritually for years to close.

The secret to winning the battle with fear, is to know in your spirit, that God is greater than all your fears, and to know that He loves you beyond words. There is no fear in love, but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. 2 Timothy 1:7 Little man was afraid because God's love was not perfected in him yet and because his daddy was an idiot

What is the key to conquering the spirit of fear?

God's love for us overcomes fear, because God loves us, and God is above all. We don’t have to be afraid. In fact, fear is not only a spirit that God has already overcome but to fear is to not exercising the faith have in Him, by taking Him at His Word. We fear because we are not studying His Word. By studying His Word, we will understand what God is saying. Therefore, we are disobedient which makes anything that is not of faith a sin. Let's boil it down to plain words. Faith is the opposite of fear. We get faith by hearing God's Word, and we hear God's words by the Word of God.

God will protect us who love Him, (we can only love Him because He first loved us), against anything bad coming our way. Understanding Scriptures is going to devolve the bond that fear has placed on you. God loves us and has already overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil. Why do we want to do it again ourselves? God did it for us in the first place because we cannot do it! Why must we always try to reinvent the wheel? God has given us not carnal, but spiritual weapons to cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. These weapons defeat the spirit of fear and every other evil spirit. If God loves us, He is for us. What can stand against God's anointed? Because God loves us, our hearts are to be fixed on Him and only the things that He loves. Love expels every fear, the spirit of fear would send our way.

Conquering the spirit of fear with the Sword of the Spirit

Conquering The Spirit of Fear - Tearing Down AnxietyThis double edged Sword which obviously is the Word of God is a powerful and profitable exercise for you to do daily! I have stated over and over again keep saying it till every saved person gives credit where credit is due. Christianity is not a religion. God tried religion in the old Testament. He gave us laws and rules that we had to do, for us to reach the righteousness, that His justice required Him to require.

It didn't work. Why? Was it because religion is weak? No! A thousand times no. We are weak. The Spirit of God is willing, but our flesh is weak. Question. When you try to get a stewed chicken out of the boiling water with a fork, and it falls all apart, is it because something was wrong with the fork, or that the meat of the chicken is too weak to lift out of the hot water?

A perfect religion that God requires for you to go to heaven, apart from Christ, is violated and defiled at conception. Why? Because the Adamic sin nature of mankind is passed down through the seed of the man and has been begotten backward to Adam. You would have to be virgin born to escape it. Wait!  There was a virgin birth! Was He born of the seed of man? No, He was born of the seed of the woman. Read the Protoevangelium, ( first prophesy) in Genesis 1:15.

When my children were born, I would reach down to them, because they could not, ( that my friend is not rebellion or failure, it is the weakness) reach up to me or satisfy desperate needs. Perfect religion keeps oneself spotless from the world. Have you or are capable of this. A resounding no. SO, God loved us and gave His only begotten son so that if we have faith, we will not perish, but have eternal life.

Christianity is a covenant alright. It is a covenant between God the Father and God the Son. What we have, is love relationship with God the Father through God the Son by God the Holy Spirit. He loved us, and we took Him at His Word, and received His Word, into our hearts, and became the sons and daughters of God. But it was I that received Him, you say. Let's say you are drowning and I throw you a rope. What good would it do if you refused to grab it? Let's say you catch it, and the rescue made. Who saved who?

Conquering the spirit of fear requires FAITH!

Conquering the spirit of fearOkay, where do I get this faith that I must have, that is the opposite of fear? Glad you asked. When you hear God speak faith is born. How do I hear God speak, preacher? You hear God speak by studying His word. You cannot separate the Word of God, from the God of that Word. Who is Jesus? The gift of John 3:16. Conquering the spirit of fear requires salvation.

Put it in a nutshell. Okay. Faith comes by hearing God, and you hear God by the Word of God. God's Word is a love letter to you. Study it enough and you will love Him too. The Love of God then will cast out all fear, because fear brings torment and the gift of God in of a sound mind and peace. How do we go about conquering the spirit of fear? You must make sure we release the love of God through thanksgiving, worship, and praise, as well as reading the Bible and prayer.

The Bible teaches us to make no room for the Devil. How do you do that? When you are filled with the Spirit, Satan cannot fill you with the spirit of fear, when God fills you with His Spirit of Love. (Fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real). Let's go about conquering the spirit of fear.

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