Hi Everyone, I am Mike Martin.

I am an American,  and I live in upstate New York.  Also, I am a Christian. And, I am a veteran.  I served in the USAF from 1968 to 1972.  I got married and had two children, now I have nine grandchildren.

When I got out of the military, I went back to college and earned my Bachelors in Business Administration.  I got a job in a bank and recently retired after 40 years.  During the forty years, I worked for a number of banking institutions, mostly as a branch manager, and as a loan officer. I helped people with car loans, and personal loans, and business loans in the beginning.  And, the last 30 years or more, I helped them get approved for their mortgages.  I enjoyed helping people get the home of their dreams.


I volunteered a lot of my free time.  Originally with the American Legion Post in my home town, and our church, later as a manager and coach for my son’s little league teams until he was fourteen. Today, I am blessed with several grandchildren who love baseball and really are excellent players. I go to as many games as possible, and sometimes that means five or six a week!!!

After becoming the Commander of my American Legion Post, I became a Rotarian.  I joined the local Rotary Club, when I was invited to join, and I took advantage of the opportunity to get to know many fine men and women in the community.  We worked on projects together, and raised money to give back to the community.  We give to the Senior Citizens' Center, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the Ambulance Corps, the food pantry and the libraries in the area.  I was also one of the founders of a program to help the survivors of domestic violence.  We were able to get close to 100% participation by the Rotary Clubs in our District, to raise money to give to the organizations, in our area, which specialize in helping the moms and kids, who are the victims of domestic violence.



In the meantime, I also was very active in my church. As a kid, my family went to a The Salvation Army (Church) and the Methodist Church, before finally going to the Presbyterian Church, in my teens.  After getting married, I attended the Catholic Church for many  years, with my family.  After my divorce, after 38 years of marriage, I decided I wanted to attend a Presbyterian Church again.

Today, I enjoy worshiping my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, at a Presbyterian Church which calls itself an Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

I try to attend every weekend, and enjoy the worship services.  I especially enjoy the Praise Music, and the preaching from the Gospel at the Presbyterian Church.

I am happy to be helping Dr. “Teddy Bear”Scott with the editing of the website.