A Prayer For Spiritual VictoryAmong all the plaques that have ever befallen mankind, I guess the worst would have to be religion.

Religion is when a man tries to reach God. He cannot. The worst form of human badness is human goodness when human goodness becomes a substitute for the new birth.

There will be countless people that will bust hell wide open, not because they were drug dealers, rapist, and killers, but because they never were. There are people who think that they are too good not to go to heaven and they are strutting straight to hell.

There is nobody so good that they need not be saved and no one so bad that they cannot be saved. Christianity is often referred to as a religion. It is not.

Christianity is a relationship. No relationship is good if there is no communication. God talks to us through His Word and we talk to Him by A Prayer For Spiritual Victory.

Will You Pray With Me A Prayer For Spiritual Victory?

In the almighty name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I beseech you all mighty God, to lay hold of anything that hinders this reader. Please, dear LORD, bind the minions of the damned and free the minds of the readers through a prayer for spiritual victory so they can focus on you alone, know that there is no other like you.You alone are God.Your Word says the cost of sin is death, and I choose Jesus and his death which paid for my sins. I have sinned, and I place it on Jesus, the Christ, Son of the living God, that His death will pay the price. I do not want demons inside me so I ask that you would come inside and take your seat.

A Prayer For Spiritual VictoryI pray that we may know each other, I want to know the power of Your resurrection while you know the depths of my sin. I want to know the fellowship of Your sufferings, for I am miserable and I do not want to be alone. Please Almighty God, make me conformable unto your death, so I will share with you in your eternal Resurrection!!

In the mighty name of Your Son, Jesus and through His blood, I call upon His name.  You cannot turn me away Lord because You cannot deny Yourself. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen. I now call you….. ABBA!

A Prayer For Spiritual Victory. Knowing Who You Are In Jesus!

According to your Word, in 2nd Cor 5:21…

Now that I am in the person of the name of Jesus and Jesus is literally in me, I take authority over all curses, hexes, spells, voodoo practices, witchcraft assignments, satanic rituals ,incantations, evil wishes and stubbornness that have come through my generational bloodline when I pray a prayer for spiritual victory.

I break Satan's kingdom's influence over the lives of the people who are reading these words by the power of the only risen Lord, Jesus Christ. He died to pay the cost of our sins and was resurrected to trample the final enemy under foot which is death.
The Lord God rebukes you, Satan, and in His name, I command that these curses go back from whence they came returning again ten fold more to the destroyer and the accuser.

LORD, Jesus, I pray You will replace Satan's influence on the people with blessings. In the person and name of, Jesus, the Christ, Messiah, Deliverer, I pray. 

Jesus Christ, please set me free from the bondage sin has held me in. I am guilty before the only One, who can judge me. I plead that your shed blood is all over every aspect of my new life. I arise from the dead to follow you in all my relationships, ministries, and endeavors.

A Prayer For Spiritual VictoryI turn over control of my finances so you can fix them, as well as, unlock and open every door of my being for you to clean. I plea those precious blood stains cleanse me.

Thank you for your ever flowing never ebbing love, your divine protection, and for the fullness of your abundant blessings. I thank you for having set angelic armies round about me. In Jesus name. Amen.

 A Prayer For Spiritual Victory Is Good, But Sometimes You Need To Fast!

Fasting is a sacrifice. It is. Have you honestly ever tried it? It is far from easy. What is greater than sacrifice? Obedience Is!! However, outside of absolute surrender and total obedience to His Lordship, one of the deepest and most profound gestures of your obedience to God is fasting.

A Prayer For Spiritual Victory
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A Prayer For Spiritual Victory and fasting will become part of your everyday life when you need God like a drowning man needs air, these will become your most dominant weapons in seeking God's intervention in your situation.

Fasting combined with obedience and A Prayer For Spiritual Victory are a three band cord that is hard to break. It would never break if it were not for the frailty of the flesh. You have to keep the flesh out of A Prayer For Spiritual Victory.

Faith or Grace. Which one is stronger? Faith depends on a man taking God at His word. Grace is God's unmerited gift bestowed upon you while you were yet dead and without strength. Sadly, prayer is by faith, not grace.

Therefore, to strengthen the power of God in spiritual warfare prayers, we must weaken the flesh to strengthen the spirit.

A Prayer For Spiritual Victory Against Idolatry

Faith, prayer, and fasting make up the most strategic weapons of spiritual warfare armor which cause the quickening to purge and pulse through us bringing grace and deliverance into our lives. PLUGGED IN!!
Warning! Warning! do not misunderstand. God cannot and will not be manipulated. While we would not dare try to force the hand of God, we must remember that we lay open and naked before the eyes of the one who sees the invisible. We are displaying a very present and definite need for God to fulfill our desires exactly as laid out according to God's will.

When we fast, yes WHEN not if, this inspires God to haste to meet His already perfect, complete and intended will. Fasting then prevails over the matters that entangle our souls.

Luke 23:34 34 Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots.

Heavenly Father, please search our hearts and cleanse us from all idols. Remove anything that takes our hearts and minds away from You in Jesus’ Name! Take away anything we spend too much time, effort or money on. Do not let there be anyone we lean on more than Jesus.

We ask for you to cleanse and reveal to us any idols in our hearts. Make our  hearts to desire to please you. LORD help us to be faithful. in this important allegiance and trust in YOU.

I pray for all true Christians that they would be convicted of any form of idolatry that they allow in their lives and hearts. Cleanse us Heavenly Father and may we be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, set us free in Jesus’ Name.

Jesus died for sinJesus died for sin as the concept itself. Jesus died for all its essence. His righteous blood remitted sin alright but wait; that just keeps us out of hell. Where is the righteousness that exceeds the Pharisees? That's right!!! There was a role reversal. He who knew no sin became sin for me that I could become the righteousness of God in Him. YES!!! A thousand times yes!

Therefore, I have been made the righteousness of God altogether from the cradle, (well, manger) to the cross to the grave to Glory. Hallelujah!  So with perfect understanding for me to live is Christ. Therefore, if I do what I would, I no longer would sin because He is the one who became sin.

Hold on Preacher. You are giving a man license to sin. Let me tell you something brothers and sisters pull your chairs up real close. Man doesn't need a license to sin, he's going to sin anyway.

1 Cor.6:12 12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

Pull your chair up closely and please listen. The cigarette or beer is not the sin. Yeah! That rebellion Christ paid for by His blood. The abomination is you are making it a god by bowing to it. Get it? Scary isn't it? God's will is that only His Spirit compels us. Yes… “the Light that has appeared unto you.”  So now that you know to stop it! Stop it. Prayer and faith mingled with fasting, causes us to be sensitive to the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit.

So as to not grieve, (doing what He does not want us to do) or quench, (not doing what He wants us to) as well as being more obedient to God's Word.  Prayer and fasting move the Holy Spirit to become more inclined to care about what you want.


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